Egyptian Bastet Relief with stone finish

Egyptian Bastet Relief with stone finish
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This beautiful museum reproduction art is intricately carved to capture every detail of the original artwork. This fine art Egyptian Bastet Relief with stone finish is quite an exquisite piece for a classical home or office interior design. It is ideal for your ancient art and museum replica interior decor. The first reference to the domestic cat appears in the eleventh dynasty. Because it was hostile to snakes, it became a sacred animal of the Sun God. In the New Kingdom, the male cat was regarded as an incarnation of the Sun God and the female cat was equated with the solar eye. Feline figures may display a scarab, the symbol of the rising sun, engraved on the head or breast thus showing their solar significance. The domestic cat attained special significance as the sacred animal of the Goddess Bastet. Hundreds of figures were set up as votive offerings in the temple at Bubastis in order that the donor might share in the Goddess's grace. Actual mummies of cats were buried by the thousands in special cemeteries in the area. This item is made of bonded stone and measures 7.5"H x 11.5"W.

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